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The Scheme

The Scheme Book

Twists, Turns, and an Unexpected Ending

Author James Paul Ellison gives readers a mystery thriller that will stay with them long after they’ve turned the last page. Recalling the best of the mystery authors in his old-fashioned story made fresh, Ellison provides twists, turns, and an unexpected ending in his new book, The Scheme. Jimmy Sinclair has had it with his wife. On the verge of divorce, he knows he’s about to lose half of what he’s worked for to Kathy, a gold-digger he’s only been married to for eleven months. Desperate for a way to keep her hands off of his savings and free himself to be with the woman he really loves, he makes a nearly irresistible proposition to down-on-his-luck John Farran, one night in a smoky bar. Farran, injured on the job and trying to make ends meet with his paltry workman’s comp check, drunkenly accepts.

Farran, unfortunately for Jimmy, has never killed anyone before, and he doesn’t plan to start now. Aiming to double-cross Jimmy by getting half of the payment from him and the other half from Kathy, to whom he intends to reveal the plan, he just wants to start a new life somewhere else. After he meets Kathy face to face, the two come up with a devious scheme of their own, one that will leave jimmy in jail, and Kathy with the four million she feels that she richly deserves.

With the police and private investigators following their every move, Jimmy, Kathy, and John are about to get caught up in a tangled web of deceit and murder, each trying to out-scheme the other. Who will be left standing, holding the money, when all is said and done?


Malicious Book Cover

Malicious to hit book shelves soon...

Angel Weise wants every lover that cheats on her to die. Two Atlanta homicide detectives want to charge her with murder. Angel already has killed 4 lovers and an informant. The detectives are working overtime to put Angel behind bars. Which one will succeed first?

Justice in
Crooked Creek

Justice in Crooked Creek

Samantha Turner just graduated from college.Her first journalism job is with a Mississippi newspaper in a small town called Crooked Creek. Her boss, Travis Mitchell, wants her to investigate corruption in the police department. Her first assignment may be her last. Will she survive and publish the truth? Will the police put her in jail and charge her with murder? Only time will tell.


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